with a 300-page novel written and presented in a normal style. The WhatsApp thriller that went viral Derailed: was the name of the first  Tunisia Phone Number ListWhatsApp thriller in the Netherlands. At the beginning of last year you could follow this blood-curdling story from NS. Simply, via WhatsApp. As if you are secretly reading along with a chat conversation between others. This is what reading chat fiction feels like: a story written.

Negatively Mainly Depends

As a conversation told via an app. All you had to do to experience the story was send a text message to an unknown number. Via this number you received a number of contacts, the main characters of the story, which you had to save on your phone. And voila, you received about 210 texts, photos, and video messages that together told the story. A nice combination of what train passengers prefer to do: reading texting.

Inferences of Manipulative Intent

Tunisia Phone Number List

watching videos. Screenshot of the 1st chat fiction Whatsapp thriller of the NS derailed. It is therefore not surprising that this campaign went viral. With 10,000+ registrations, a media reach of 6,200,000, and a media value of no less than €700,000, a great stunt. This form of storytelling really appeals to me! Like many other millennials and young people from Generation Z.

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