Source: Pinterest Newsroom. Examples of Story Pins. Source: Pinterest Newsroom The advantages of Story Pins vs. Instagram & Facebook Stories: 1. Story  USA Phone Number List Pins Can Last Forever Like normal Pins, you can save Story Pins to boards so they can be found forever and won’t disappear after 24 hours. 2You can enrich your Story Pins with a ‘detail page’ Do you, for example, post a recipe as a Story Pin?

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Then you can put all the ingredients on the additional ‘detail page’. Do you share a DIY? Then drop the required materials on the detail page. Thanks to the detail page, you can optimally ‘service’ other Pinterest users in one central place. Where you need at least 10,000 followers on Instagram to access the swipe-up functionality, Pinterest gives you immediate access to this click-through and the option to process additionally.

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Information. Regardless of your number of followers. Win-win! 3. Story Pins focus on inspiring ideas. Instagram and Facebook Stories focus on personal stories and experiences. This is not the case with Pinterest Stories. That is where the full focus is on sharing inspiring ideas, such as recipes, DIYs, and beauty tutorials, you name it .

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