use today, based on the five examples above. Download Madagascar Email Lists them now to take your welcome email to the next levelIn 2016, I led the growth team at I Will Teach You to Be Rich and generated more than 40,000 leads per month. Here’s our cumulative lead volume compared to our goal for the Madagascar Email Lists year: Screenshot of I Will Teach You To Be Rich I’m going to walk you through how I did it Madagascar Email Lists and why I’d never do things that way again. 1 My Shameful Secret From Growing Our Leads 2 Buying Our Way With Paid Leads 3 Conversion Wins For Organic Leads 4 Doubling Affiliate Leads 5 Why I Wouldn’t Build That Growth Program Ever Again 6 How To Get a Quick

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Win MY SHAMEFUL SECRET FROM Madagascar Email Lists GROWING OUR LEADS I don’t think I’ve said this publicly before. I’ve tried to avoid mentioning it. During that glorious lead generation year, we didn’t increase traffic at all. Total traffic in 2016 was nearly identical to traffic in 2015. It might have Madagascar Email Lists actually shrank slightly. As someone who’s built their career in online marketing, that’s embarrassing. But that’s not the shameful part. So how’d we do it then? Where did the leads come from? For the most part, Madagascar Email Lists we optimized the traffic we already had. I took the growth program I developed while I was leading the marketing team at KISSmetrics and rolled it

Madagascar Email Lists

out on I Will Teach You To Be Rich.[*] The Madagascar Email Lists program focused heavily on A/B testing and optimizing funnels. It took me most of 2015 to get the program in place. It included three main components: Getting A/B testing tools and data in place. A fully functional growth team including Madagascar Email Lists five marketers, a designer, and two engineers. Several months of running A/B tests so the Madagascar Email Lists team worked out the kinks in the process. It takes a few months of testing before a new team feels comfortable with the work flows and everything runs smoothly. By January 1, 2016, we came out swinging. We crushed our January lead goal and kept hitting our monthly goals

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