The Progressive Web App (PWA) is struggling to arrive in France. This format designed for the mobile Web is particularly suitable for online media. However, the latter prefer the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) format launched by Google more than that of Progressive Web Apps. Both aim to improve the user experience by reducing the loading time of pages on mobile.

If in both cases, they make it possible to reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate, Google puts forward an additional argument to encourage the media to switch to AMP format, an SEO argument. AMP articles would, in fact, be given priority over others in Google News. After having refused for some time to switch to the AMP format as long as “the audience [was] not counted for the publishers”, explained Emmanuel Alix, director of the digital division of L’Équipe, to the JDN, L’Équipe is now available in this format. And more recently, the mobile site became a Progressive Web App. A first for a French media!

Reminder on the Progressive Web App

We already told you about it in this article , the Progressive Web App (PWA) is a hybrid solution between a native mobile application and a Responsive website. It integrates the best Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List techniques of the Web while taking over the functionalities of native applications. The Progressive Web App is therefore designed as a website (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) but behaves like a mobile application (Icon on the home screen of the mobile, offline loading, full screen display, etc.).

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The Team moves to the Progressive Web App

As well as being an iconic sports newspaper and television channel, L’Équipe is also a successful online medium. According to their latest figures , L’Équipe has 2.6 million unique visitors daily, including 1.6 million only from a mobile. And the numbers on mobile are constantly growing. To guarantee a better user experience on mobile, L’Équipe has just unveiled its brand new mobile site, a site developed in Progressive Web App. In France, it is the first media to launch a site in this format. In the United States, several media have already adopted the PWA. This is for example the case of Forbes, the Financial Times or the Washington Post.

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