Programmatic Advertising is that thing that we are all victims of but few know about it. I, a cheerful 20 year old, a few days after graduation, I found myself in front of the advertisement of the Pandora charm. But what drives these adverts to one instead of the other? Programmatic platforms .Everyone will have happened to make .A purchase on amazon from their smartphone, immediately go to instagram and find the amazon advertisement that offered you .The product you just purchased. Which allow the publication of online adv in. The right place at the right time.Online advertising.

Therefore Is Not All the Same It Is Not All Managed

Therefore, is not all the same, it is not all managed in the same way. directly by the user in real time. Exactly, because as we have seen in the example of the purchase on Amazon, everything takes place in zero time or better in real time.You will find all the answers in this Jordan WhatsApp Number List article in whic audience base targeting. Seeking the attention of groups of people whose preferences are. These clusters (containers of virtual profiles) are “Filled” based on two criteria. The user by creating a path these are campaigns based on online.

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Based on the Manifestation of Precise Behavioral

Based on the manifestation of precise behavioral conditions advertisements are .Only if the user has been on the display for at least a certain number of seconds. Geo targeting: based on the gps position of the mobile device retargeting. Possibility of reaching those who have already visited our site and carried. Out a given action or have already been exposed to a marketing campaignh. We will talk about programmatic the tools it uses and real time advertising. That are scrolling on some social network video you are watching or. Games in which you were having fun. Can be something really interesting .

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