The first thing to do is structure our promotion or contest well. That the bases and conditions do not have gaps or generate doubts. In this case, I recommend that before you publish it. You show it to someone who knows these mechanics very well to see if they detect anything out of the ordinary. Do not use or make contests directly on the facebook wall or in the photos . Since it is the first place where you can apply the purchase of likes. It has its conditions. Check them out. Preferably, use one of the platforms that are programmed to prevent fraud such as.

Easy Promo, Halalati, Cool Tabs Tri Social, to Name

Easy promo, halalati, cool tabs tri social, to name a few. Several of them already have the option to carry out promotions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. If you decide to make your own app or development. A key piece of information to detect fraud is to record.The IP  Thailand Phone Number List address where the votes were issued to each participant. This is useful to verify that the votes come from different devices or equipment or to detect if the votes come from countries far away from the promotion. For example, if the promotion is for Mexico.

Thailand Phone Number List

It would be very strange for the votes to be from

It would be very strange for the votes to be from people. Pakistan or china, believe it or not, there are many cases. A user with this type of vote is undoubtedly a suspicious participant and, most likely, will be bought by someone. If the idea is a type of artistic or creative contest and you want to use Instagram or Facebook. The most convenient thing is that in your mechanics you stipulate that.

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