clear that more and more people are using their Gambia Email List mobile devices for content consumption, so it’s crucial to use a responsive blog layout that can adapt to the device being used. Screenshot of responsive blog layout With a responsive layout, your blog will look good on any device. It will Gambia Email List rearrange and resize all the formatting and elements, including images and multicolumn sidebars, to be optimized for mobile. If you’re using a decent WordPress or Shopify theme, your theme is likely to be responsive. If you’re just getting started or not sure you have the right theme and layout, check out the list of my most recommended WordPress and

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Shopify themes for blogs. Discover The Gambia Email List Best WordPress And Shopify Themes For Blogs HOW TO BEST FORMAT YOUR BLOG CONTENT Now you’re done with the blog layout; it’s time to get into the actual content formatting, including how to use subheaders correctly to how to add call to action (CTA) items into your blog post. 7. BREAK YOUR BLOG POST INTO SECTIONS USING SUBHEADERS Gambia Email List It’s essential to break up your content using subheaders. It makes it so much easier for your readers to read — or skim — your blog post. Just look at this same piece of content with and without subheaders.[*] Screenshot of blog post

Gambia Email List

using subheaders to separate sections Aside from improving the readability for your readers, this helps search bots understand the structure of the page.[*] You don’t need a bunch of headings for your blog posts. It’s enough to stick to a few basic ones: Header 1 or Title. Usually the largest font size, Gambia Email List use it for the blog post title. Header 2. One of the most important subheaders that breaks the content into sections. Header 3. Subheaders within each section of Header 2. In most cases, all you need are the three headers and subheaders above. Unless you’re writing a long blog post that needs extra layers of subheaders, there is no need to

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