Conspiracy stories have become a normalized way for many to understand the complex world of what is actually happening. Harambam: ‘There is a  Kazakhstan Phone Number List perception both within and outside of science that conspiracy theories are paranoid delusions, irrational readings of real reality.’ That’s because scientists see conspiracy theories as pseudoscience.

Make Two Teams One Is

This is in line with Karl Popper’s falsification theory. Making simple statements, using evidence selectively and in the affirmative, and being insensitive to conflicting evidence. Another view on conspiracy theorists Harambam advocates a different view of conspiracy theorists and the spread of disinformation. After all, political scandals like Watergate.

The Crook Gets a Head Start

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LIBOR or the Iran-Contra scandal shows that conspiracies exist. He concludes that conspiracy theorists experience an ‘epistemological instability’ to understand reality. He cites four causes: Secularization – the ultimate truth that Christianity propagates has dried up. It is not for nothing that conspiracy theorists have a great affinity with spirituality and meaning (think of Janet Ossebaard’s crop circles).

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