When the social network pinterest began its heyday social network. Fans embraced it as a platform to share things that seemed aesthetically stimulating, share fashion. Visually striking food, and ideas for diy ( do it yourself ). In this way the social responsibility of sharing news and information was relegated to Facebook and twitter. But currently, Pinterest joins the informative network in digital material. More related articles:Instagram . The best digital platform for brands facebook is the most profitable social network, Twitter the fastest-growing personalized social network although in terms of business it is estimated. That Pinterest is still a developing social network with. Only 2% of users from small and medium-sized companies using it as a marketing and dissemination tool.

Compared to the Overwhelming 37% That Use Facebook

Compared to the overwhelming 37% that use Facebook. Being a busy network it is not surprising that users begin to see it as also suitable for keeping an eye on current information and sharing it. According to a study by gigya, 40% of network users share the most  Papua New Guinea Email List relevant news at . The moment on Facebook, 30% on Twitter . Climbing rapidly in this exchange, Pinterest is with 20%. The topics to which this news are most focused have to do with advertising. Curiously the numbers climbed so high for Pinterest right after facebook announced changes. The news feed is supposedly to improve the user experience.

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Even if the Changes on Facebook Never Exactly End Up

Pinterest’s business value is also skyrocketing. At the beginning of the year the company was worth no more than $2.5 billion. But it ended the year worth more than $4 billion. Its international expansion and its more than 50 million visitors keep this possibility of expansion high.Birds alike.Mexico, df- of all the app categories, those related to social networks, communication and games are the most relevant.

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