Trust phase In the early days of the brand era, the most important strategy was to gain exposure as a company. Everything revolved around ‘big is beautiful. And there Cambodia Phone Number List are still brands where this plays a major role, especially in categories where uncertainty plays a role (eg insurance). Interpolis is still responding to this with the slogan ‘Clear Clear’. Status phase When prosperity started to increase, climbing the social.

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ladder arose. People started to look at each other more and more and brands were bought to indicate where you stood in society. The focus was on status. Identification Phase Subsequently, the network society developed. The columns had disappeared and people were able to develop their own identities. By choosing a certain lifestyle, you can give yourself an identity.

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Brands also fit in perfectly with this and we still see that a lot. With your company, you can therefore respond to identity with marketing. Enjoyment phase Brands are also there to improve people’s lives. From this stage, it suddenly became important to inspire, to be fun and playful. Many young people make a choice based on enjoyment. Companies will enter this phase in the next ten years.

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