Working on a project basis leads to more focus and greater speed of action, precisely because talented employees like to work on projects. Stay ahead in your own  Bulgaria Phone Number List category This is also reflected in market leaders. These are companies or brands that have developed their own (new) category or segment. They didn’t simply become the biggest.

This Is the Daily Reality

No, they’ve come up with something new that will allow them to lead the segment. They are frontrunners and keep the category current and relevant through their own innovation. Just look at Coca-Cola, they came up with the first soda. And Nestle created a new way of making coffee at home with the Nespresso cups. Provided with the feeling of luxury and options of drinking coffee outside the door.

But Also Low-literate People

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There is therefore only one strategy that is correct. That’s the one where you ask yourself, how do we keep our category current, interesting and competitive against other categories? Ultimately, with only one goal: to create added value. Evolution of brands There is also a noticeable shift in the creation of added value for the brand: from the trust phase to the self-actualization phase.

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