Sign into your My XFINITY account. At the top right, click the Mail icon to get to your inbox. Click the Address Book tab. Click +Create Contact in the top menu (looks like a head silhouette with a plus sign). Add the sender’s email address. Click Save to save and whitelist the contact. GIF of user Jordan Phone Number List whitelisting email in Comcast/Xfinity AT&T YAHOO MAIL AT&T uses the Jordan Phone Number List Yahoo! Mail app platform, so whitelisting instructions are the same with both. To whitelist contacts with these email providers: Click the contact book in the right-hand menu. At the bottom of the sidebar, click +Add new contact.

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Enter the name and email information of the sender you want to whitelist (you can use a business name). Click Save. GIF of user whitelisting email in AT&T Jordan Phone Number List Yahoo Mail MAC OS X MAIL APP To whitelist all emails from a domain in the Mail app for Mac OS X or macOS: In the top menu, click Mail > Jordan Phone Number List Preferences. Click the Rules tab. Click Add Rule. Enter a whitelist name in the Description field, such as “Whitelist:” to create the new rule. For conditions, set the first dropdown menu item to any. It should say: If any of the Jordan Phone Number List following conditions are met. In the following dropdown menus, select From in the first field and Ends with in the

Jordan Phone Number List

second field. In the text field following Ends with, enter the domain name that you want to whitelist. Include “@” before the domain name to make the filter Jordan Phone Number List specific—for example, to whitelist all mail from the domain, but not mail that might come from one of its subdomains (such as, type “” into the field. Click the plus sign next to the last condition to add Jordan Phone Number List another domain with the same criteria if you want to whitelist more domains. In the Perform the following actions section, set the three dropdown items to: Move Message, to the mailbox: Inbox (or any target folder you Jordan Phone Number List want).

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