It was the #1 post on our blog this year with [number of page views] and [number of shares]. Think your audience will love it. Thanks for your consideration. Ping me if I can ever help with anything. Cheers, Ash To 10x the success of this tactic, you could reach out to one of the largest newsletters in Palestinian Territories Email Lists your niche about collaborating on a piece of content. That’s exactly what we did at Buffer to Palestinian Territories Email Lists get featured in Pocket Hits. To replicate this: Decide which newsletter you’d like to partner with. Come up with a compelling headline and content pitch. Email the newsletter curator with your idea. Draft the post and share with the curator for

Promoting Yourself With Your Email Signature

feedback (you want to do all the heavy lifting Palestinian Territories Email Lists here and avoid creating work for your partner). Edit and share the final version ready to be featured in the newsletter. Pro tip: To maximize the conversions you’ll get from this traffic, make sure the post you link to has a content Palestinian Territories Email Lists upgrade. DAY 8: SHARE YOUR CONTENT IN NICHE COMMUNITIES There are tons of communities where you can reach your audience. For example, to grow a SaaS-focused email list I might head to these sites: GrowthHackers Community r/Entrepreneur on Reddit (there’s a subreddit for EVERYTHING) r/SaaS on Reddit Or I might search Facebook for SaaS Groups,

Palestinian Territories Email Lists

like this: Screenshot showing Facebook Palestinian Territories Email Lists groups (Did you know 1 billion people use Facebook groups? There’s huuuuge opportunity for you to grow your mailing list through groups!) You could even head over to Slofile and discover a Slack community to join.[*] Screenshot Palestinian Territories Email Lists of Slofile to find Slack communities So what should you post in these groups? You don’t want to be the spammy person who just links to their own content. That’s counterproductive. People will probably ignore you if you do this. Think about how you can use your content to add value to these communities. For example, Chris Von Wilpert shared a post in Traffic

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