The evolution of digital has created new communication channels, forcing marketing professionals to juggle with a number of now important media. Social networks, website, press, blog, email, videos, display, offline. It is essential to organize these communication channels in order to derive all their effectiveness. It is to respond to this problem that the POEM concept (Paid, Owned, Earned Media) appeared. Still poorly known, your digital communication agency Powertrafic presents these new communication methods.

Poem Stands for Paid Media, Owned Media and Earned

English acronym, it designates different types of exposures that a brand can use to communicate with its consumers. Even if these three forms of communication are different, they can prove to be complementary. Indeed, together, they provide companies with optimal communication. Paid Media corresponds to all the expenses planned for the Hong Kong Phone Number List promotion of brand content. It therefore evokes the advertising space that a brand needs to promote itself whatever the communication channel: advertising, sponsored post, display, partnerships… More generally, it is about all the communication media belonging to third parties that the brand will pay to develop its visibility.

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Unlike Paid Media Owned Media refers to communication

media owned and controlled by the brand. These media offer him an exposure that brings him benefits. Thus, Owned Media includes the brand’s website, its social networks, its newsletter, its editorial content, its videos, etc.
As far as Earned Media is concerned, the operation is different. A free strategy, it corresponds to the exposure that a brand can benefit from in the press, on blogs, social networks or even in comments and shares without having asked for it. Currently booming, it is an important strategy for brands of the famous felines of the network, such as Grumpy Cat, Colonel MeowWith the first basic steps to understand and master it. but difficult to implement and acquire. However, it is a vector of opportunities.

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