and Advertising 17.38% 2.04% Media and Publishing Antarctica Email Lists 22.15% 4.62% Medical, Dental, and Healthcare 21.72% 2.49% Mobile 19.29% 2.27% Music and Musicians 21.88% 2.94% Non-Profit 25.17% 2.79% Pharmaceuticals 18.58% 2.25% Photo and Video 23.24% 3.23% Politics Antarctica Email Lists 22.94% 2.37% Professional Services 21.94% 2.55% Public Relations 21.02% 1.98% Real Estate 19.17% 1.77% Recruitment and Staffing 21.14% 2.53% Religion 27.62% 3.16% Restaurant 19.77% 1.34% Restaurant and Venue Antarctica Email Lists 20.39% 1.40% Retail 18.39% 2.25% Social Networks and Online Communities 21.06% 3.32% Software and Web App Antarctica Email Lists 21.29% 2.45%


Sports 24.57% 3.09% , you’ll need to do a little Antarctica Email Lists experimenting and testing with your subject lines. Here are three ways to further improve your Antarctica Email Lists open rates. 1. Experiment with emojis A report from Experian (since removed from their site) found that 56% of brands using emojis in their email subject lines saw a higher open rate on their emails. The below chart from Mailchimp shows the most popular emojis used in Antarctica Email Lists subject lines:[*] Best Email Subject Lines: Screenshot of top 15 emojis by subject line Antarctica Email Lists appearances 2. Test various lengths For most businesses, there’s no direct coloration between subject line length and open rates.

But you should think about where your Antarctica Email Lists subscribers are opening their email. Based on an email marketing stats report by Litmus, the majority of your opens came from mobile devices and tablets.[*] Best Email Subject Lines: Screenshot of graph showing the percentage of which platforms Antarctica Email Lists that emails are open from With smaller screens, you need to ensure your subject line fits Antarctica Email Lists within the allocated space. The rule of thumb is to keep your subject line between 30 and 60 characters. 3. Use time-sensitive words Antarctica Email Lists Using time-sensitive words like “urgent” and “important” can result in much higher open rates. Data from Mailchimp (since removed from

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