That is very bad when you consider that Facebook is increasingly used as the primary news source. Also read: How fake news affects content Ghana Phone Number List marketing & how to deal with it Disinformation as a threat to democracy Others point to negative effects of disinformation on democracy. The US elections show that (Allcot, 2017; Benkler, 2018). Following revelations about Russian election meddling.

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There has been widespread concern that online disinformation poses a serious threat to democracy. Own channels Because with your own media channels you have the opportunity to boost your own credibility, no matter how implausible an idea may be. How do you do that? Undermine your political opponents by putting them away. Journalists can pose a threat, precisely because they engage in truth-finding. Fight the media. That is what President Donald Trump does almost daily on Twitter or during media contacts.

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A well-known example is the eviction of CNN journalist Jim Acosta during one of his first press conferences. “ You’re fake news! † conspiracy theories woman media Journalists are threatened The tone is set. A very bad development is that journalists are intimidated or harassed in this climate. They can no longer do their job properly. Threats are getting worse and journalists need to do their job securely.

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