He previously wrote this book in 2005, at the time to capture the zeitgeist and show entrepreneurs how to keep their finger on the pulse during an era where Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List everything was changing rapidly. Now, 15 years later, we are in the same boat again. Many companies are in dire straits, but how do you prevent yourself from being next? An interesting book for entrepreneurs and managers, especially of larger companies.

Up Current Opening Times of Companies

Much of the book revolves around senior management. But even as a small entrepreneur you can learn interesting lessons from it. Flexible entrepreneurship is key It’s not just about doing business in corona time. It is about flexible entrepreneurship in general. You should always be aware of the latest trends. And you should always know whether your brand is still current.

For the Blind or Partially

Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

But especially in an era in which major changes are taking place, the world demands fast & smart. We are now dealing with the disruptive power of technologies, geopolitical shifts (Eurasia) and, pandemics. These developments force organizations to react quickly and smartly and to anticipate changes. It requires resilient companies. A characteristic of these companies is that they are increasingly involved in devising and executing a series of projects.

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