and select the .usdz file provided by the Shopify Expert. Screenshot of steps to create 3D model of product in the 3D Warehouse app You’ll have to add some code to the <head> tags of your theme.liquid and product-template.liquid files. Hire a Shopify Expert if you’re not comfortable changing code on Australia Phone Number List your site, or see Shopify’s guide for the exact code to do it yourself.[*] Finally, add the AR badge to your Australia Phone Number List product image so customers know they can click the image to use AR. Again, this involves code (available in Shopify’s guide referenced in Step 5). This will only work using the Safari browser on iOS devices right now.

Email Marketing to Gain Traffic and Create Loyalty

They’re working on Android capabilities, but don’t have a release date for it yet. 5. ADVANCED SEO STRATEGIES WILL BECOME MORE PREVALENT Next up, we’ve got my favorite topic: SEO. Ecommerce SEO is nothing new. Companies have tried to crack Google’s algorithm since Google was a Australia Phone Number List thing. Part of SEO is LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) optimization. This is essentially adding semantically related keywords to a page to improve your rankings. For example, if you’re writing an article about cars and you mention keywords like “Lightning McQueen,” Google knows the page is talking about Cars the movie, not actual

Australia Phone Number List

cars. This is also nothing new. But now you can go even deeper. Using tools like CognitiveSEO, you can figure out the exact keywords Google is looking for to rank a page. Say you’re trying to rank a page for the keyword “standing mixer.” You can plug that keyword into CognitiveSEO’s keyword tool to Australia Phone Number List see the keywords you should use more often, the keywords you should be using but aren’t, and if you’re keyword stuffing. Screenshot of steps to find exact keywords Google is looking for to rank a page Australia Phone Number List using CognitiveSEO Now if we write in some keywords and fill out the text, the performance score (a score that basically shows how well

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