So if they’re most interested in exercise, send them more emails about exercise. To start segmenting in Sumo List Builder, go to the Success section of any form. Then use the dropdown under Add Subscribers To Group to select a group to put them in. Screenshot of steps to start Ethiopia Email List segmenting in Sumo List Builder To use this successfully, you need to segment them by how they opt in on your site. So if they opt Ethiopia Email List in for a certain content upgrade or discount, put them in a group that sends emails related to that upgrade or discount. 2. A/b test your email subject lines The next “advanced” technique I want to talk about is split-most interested in.

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testing your email subject lines. (I put “advanced” in Ethiopia Email List quotes because it’s actually pretty simple.) Split testing, or A/B testing, means sending two or more variants of your subject line to see which one performs the best (i.e. gets the highest open rate). You can also split-test the Ethiopia Email List content itself, such as the email copy, type of discount, etc., but we’ll stick with subject lines for the sake of simplicity. To A/B test your subject lines, first brainstorm some ideas. Come up with 5-10 ideas, then pick the two most promising to test. Many email providers, such as ConvertKit, allow you to do this automatically. Click the A/B button next to the subject line.

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Screenshot of steps to A/B test Ethiopia Email List subject lines 3. Survey your audience to see what they want My final advanced technique is the least technical! Surveying your audience is easy, quick, and gives you some great insight into what they want. You can create a survey to figure out what kind of content they want to see more of, what they like or dislike about your product(s), how often they want to receive emails, and Ethiopia Email List more. The sky’s the limit! Here’s how it’s done: Decide what questions you want to ask (use what I said above to brainstorm ideas). Create a free Typeform account or use a Google Form (they both work great).

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