The first email delivers the lead magnet and provides an Maldives Email Lists opportunity to connect with the Shopify Plus team to chat more about their solutions: Screenshot of email from Shopify In the second email, Shopify asks whether you found everything you needed from the lead magnet. It then takes a direct-to-Maldives Email Lists sale approach by encouraging the lead to learn more about Shopify Plus and book a time Maldives Email Lists to talk with an expert: Screenshot of email from Shopify Plus Bonus: Notice how Shopify uses social proof by Maldives Email Lists sharing some brands (MVMT, Kylie Cosmetics) that are already using Shopify Plus. 4. SALES NEGOTIATION WORKFLOW Sometimes making

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a purchase takes negotiation, especially if your Maldives Email Lists business is a marketplace specializing in trading between a product owner and consumer. For example, when trying to buy a registered domain, a company like Uniregistry might handle negotiations between parties. One of the most effective ways Maldives Email Lists to handle this negotiation is through an email workflow. When you send an inquiry about a Maldives Email Lists domain Uniregistry represents, you’re added to a workflow. The first email introduces you to the broker for your Maldives Email Lists chosen domain: Screenshot of Uniregistry email The second email is in plain text, and it follows up with a price for the domain. This email is sent

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three days after the original email: Screenshot Maldives Email Lists of email from Uniregistry The third email is sent five days after the second email and encourages the recipient to share their proposed next step in the negotiation: Screenshot of email from Uniregistry After this email the workflow continues Maldives Email Lists for a couple more weeks if you don’t respond to any of the first three messages. The emails get more Maldives Email Lists infrequent as time passes. 5. FIXING AN ISSUE WORKFLOW No matter how great your processes and internal Maldives Email Lists systems are, sometimes your customers will run into a problem. This is especially common for subscription companies, and one of the most

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