Formerly APB, or Admission post-Bac, Parcoursup is the new higher education orientation platform that everyone is talking about. A hard pill to swallow and a suddenly uncertain future. It is obvious that Parcoursup is not unanimous. And yet, all this enthusiasm can represent a Parcoursup, an Opportunity to Improve the Digital Visibility real opportunity for visibility for schools. Your SEO agency Google has conducted its investigation and explains to you . How unfortunately the misfortune of some can make the happiness of others.

A trend that has gone viral Opportunity to Improve the

A trend that has gone viral In Google searches or on social networks, Parcoursup has been one of the Trending Topics of recent weeks. On Google Trends, we can see that the trend started as soon as the website opened and registrations started in January. And since then, the Iceland Phone Number List evolution of interest in this research has continued to increase. However, it was on May 20 that the trend took another turn. Indeed the latter reveals a peak of searches relating to the beginning of a new phase in the calendar: that of admissions.

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Parcours a Visibility Opportunity for Schools new phase

While high school students juggle the stress of the baccalaureate. Their higher education, some schools have taken an interest. This trend have understood and seized the digital opportunity it represents. Indeed, the average number of monthly searches made with the Parcoursup keyword is estimated at more than 800,000. And on Parcoursup, an Opportunity to Improve the Digital Visibility Google AdWords the keyword is presented as having low competition and a relatively low bid. However, the advertising campaigns do not stop there. Some schools, like Intuit. lab took advantage of the Parcoursup flop to carry out very relevant Display campaigns.

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