New students are no longer seduced by flyers distributed at school exits. This new generation of students, Generation Z, grew up with a smartphone in their hands. It is therefore on the Internet and social networks that you will reach them, but not just anyhow. For that, you have to understand this generation well. You have to study their habits of use of the Web and social networks, but also their expectations concerning their future school in order to then personalize your student recruitment strategy.Creating a Facebook page is a good way to reach as many people as possible, both students and parents. Your Facebook page will allow you to communicate directly with your target. Thanks to this Page, you will federate a community, made up of current students, alumni, professionals and future students. The idea is to communicate about your school.

 Create a Facebook page to federate a community around your

The video format is ideal for recruiting students. Video will, in fact, represent 80% of web traffic in the coming years. It is also a popular format for Generation Z who love YouTube. But, Generation Z is also a zapping generation, capable of quickly moving from one subject to another. The attention span is now estimated at 8 seconds. Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List It is therefore from the first 8 seconds that it is worth arousing their curiosity and interest. To appeal, the video must be concise and catchy.According to a study proposed by Kantar Millward Brown, young people of Generation Z appreciate content that is funny, very visual and tells a story. To challenge them, you have to show creativity and originality, without going overboard. Don’t hesitate to offer fun content to create interactivity and engagement.

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Launch relevant ad campaigns create interactivity

Deploying an online advertising campaign is a good strategy. The key is to deploy a relevant campaign. In addition to fair targeting. The right advertising format must broadcast. Young people are not resistant to advertising, only they are not very sensitive, even annoyed, in relation to mass marketing. They are more receptive to targeted, personalized and unobtrusive advertising. In short, you need to deliver personalized and native ads that don’t hinder the user experience. In addition, it must be responsive to adapt to the mobile that young people love so much. Finally, you need to get your advertising where young people are.

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