More than half were fake news with downright false health claims. One of the nonsensical claims is that with a dandelion diet you can beat cancer is not difficult to describe fake news. ‘Fake news is misleading and inaccurate information in. The form of a news story is distributed to make money or to influence public opinion. It is a form of disinformation,” said In terms of definition.

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Dutch term ‘fake news’ closely resembles the English term ‘fake news. The German equivalent ‘Lügenpresse’ goes much further and can place in the domain of political propaganda. Fake news has commonplace and can found everywhere. presidency of Donald Trump. It is defined as bringing made-up stories as truth. Interestingly, Trump claims to have coined the term “fake news.

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which means that people can understand information about health in such a way that it benefits their health. A poignant example Our own behavior amplifies disinformation, through the spread of fake news and conspiracies, and through the operation of both traditional and new media. medical messages on Facebook. In 2016, of the 20 most-shared posts with the word ‘cancer’ in the subject line

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