No, you’re not getting the same people to open your emails Kenya Email List for a second time — we’re not about padding stats here. Noah Kagan coined the term double-opens. It means you’ll resend your email to subscribers who didn’t open it the first time one week after the first one launches. The only item Kenya Email List you’ll change in this second email is the subject line (see tip #9 for more help on this). When Noah tested Kenya Email List this, he got an 11% open rates for the second send, and that made up a total of 30%+ for that single campaign. In his Kenya Email List case, that meant 7,028 more opened emails from 1 minute of work: Original: Double-open email: See why you can’t afford to skip

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this stupidly simple step? Many email providers Kenya Email List have this feature, although I can’t guarantee it will be under the same Kagan-trademarked name. ConvertKit calls their feature Resend to Unopens: Start using this open rate tactic right away. Like, now. START INCREASING YOUR OPEN Kenya Email List RATES TODAY You need to increase your open rates to turn more subscribers into customers in Kenya Email List your business. But before you get overwhelmed with what to tackle first, here are three simple steps you can take immediately: Add your Kenya Email List whitelist instructions to your success pop-up or thank you page so new subscribers aren’t lost in the shuffle

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(and your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed). Kenya Email List Clean up and segment your subscriber lists so you can deliver the right messages to the right audience. And whatever you do, don’t forget to take advantage of double-opens (seriously!). You can use the free version of Sumo to do all the above.Want to Kenya Email List skip the junk and listen to the best ecommerce podcasts the world has to offer? Then Kenya Email List look no more! I’ve compiled a list of eleven of the best ecommerce podcasts on the web — everything from marketing and sales to Kenya Email List design, hiring, managing, and more. Note: I curated this list from hundreds of hours of listening to podcasts. I hope it was worth it — enjoy!

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