all by clicking the Subscriber checkbox and clicking Select all Oman Email List X subscribers in [list name]. Screenshot of selecting subscribers in Convert Kit Finally, click the Bulk Actions dropdown and select Export. Screenshot of ConvertKit After a few minutes, you’ll get an email with the exported list attached. Save the Oman Email List spreadsheet, then move on to step two. STEP #2: PUT INACTIVE EMAILS THROUGH A Oman Email List LIST CLEANING TOOL Run your inactive subscriber list through an email list cleaning tool like Oman Email List Email List Verify. These tools filter out misspelled, bogus, invalid, and spam trap emails (an email address that’s not used, but is actively monitored

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for spam). Once you scan your list, you’ll get a Oman Email List report of which emails are “Deliverable” and which are “Invalid,” like this: Screenshot of Email List Verify STEP #3: SEND A RE-ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN TO “DELIVERABLE” INACTIVE SUBSCRIBERS After you’ve cleaned it, take the list of valid Oman Email List (deliverable) email addresses and segment them into a separate list in your ESP. To do this with Oman Email List Sumo, click Contacts, then go to the Groups tab. Click the blue + Create Group button. Name the group something like “Inactive Oman Email List Deliverable Subs.” Only you can see the name, so make sure you remember what it is.

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Screenshot of Sumo ESP Import the CSV file to this new group. Oman Email List Screenshot of importing contacts in Sumo We’re going to send a re-engagement campaign to these people to either clean them from our list permanently or get them back as active subscribers. Here are two examples of re-engagement emails Oman Email List you might send. First, an example if you run an ecommerce store: Screenshot of re-engagement Oman Email List emails for ecommerce business Or send something like this for a non-ecommerce business: Screenshot of re-engagement email for a non-ecommerce business You want to piqué your inactive subscribers’ interest with an offer, question, or

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