works: What’s on offer How to claim the offer When does the offer expire [Product Link] [Terms and Conditions link] Want more discount offer email examples? Get The Email Germany Phone Number List Campaigns Swipe File 5. PROMPT TO REVIEW EMAIL TEMPLATE Reviews are incredibly important to all types of businesses. If you run a service business, a client testimonial can be the difference between landing a Germany Phone Number List new deal and missing out. For product businesses, reviews can increase sales and even help convince buyers to jump on your upsell offers.[*] But few customers will be forthcoming with reviews without a little prompting. Here’s the email Chilly’s

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Bottles sends to prompt a review around two weeks after a buyer has made a purchase: Screenshot of prompt to review email from Chilly This email is great because it: Germany Phone Number List Tells the buyer why Chilly’s wants a review. Encourages participation by offering entry into a prize draw. Has a big review link to make it obvious where to leave a review. These reviews are then featured on Chilly’s homepage to show new visitors that they can trust the brand: Screenshot of reviews on Chilly Want to encourage customer reviews like Chilly’s? Copy and paste the below text into your email editor to swipe this template: REVIEW PROMPT EMAIL

Germany Phone Number List

TEMPLATE [Thanks for your purchase] [Incentive for leaving a review] [Leave a review CTA] [Customer service information or FAQs link] Note: Make sure to check the terms of use of the website you’re incentivizing a review for. Some sites (e.g. Yelp) don’t like users doing this. Want more review Germany Phone Number List prompt email examples? Get The Email Campaigns Swipe File 6. ABANDONED Germany Phone Number List CART EMAIL TEMPLATE Abandoned cart emails are lifesavers. But don’t just take my word for it. Business Insider found that $2.75 trillion of lost ecommerce revenue is recoverable.[*] And one of the best ways to recover that revenue is…

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