The call out email Formula: [Audience] Afghanistan Email Lists [Topic] Example: Ecommerce owners! Here’s how to grow your ecommerce business Use this email subject line to speak directly to your audience and show them exactly how your product will benefit them. 31. The social proof email Afghanistan Email Lists Formula: Proof That [Product] Works Example: Proof that Sumo’s cart abandonment strategy works 32. The don’t buy this email Formula: Don’t buy [Product Name] until you read this Example: Don’t buy Sumo for your Shopify store Afghanistan Email Lists until you read this 33. The versus email Formula: [Subject] vs [Subject] Example: $$$ vs % off discount 34.

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The death of email Formula: The Afghanistan Email Lists Death Of [Topic] Example: The death of Facebook ads 35. The question email Formula: How can you [Topic]? Example: How can you grow your YouTube channel? Brian Dean quite often uses questions in his email subject lines: Best Email Subject Lines: Screenshot of email from Brian Dean 36. The “you” email Formula: You, A [Desired Result]? Example: You, an Afghanistan Email Lists ecommerce all-star? 37. THE IMAGINE RESULT EMAIL Formula: Imagine [Desired Result] Example: Imagine having a full year of content planned in advance Here’s an example of this subject line from the Natural Resources Afghanistan Email Lists Defense Council (NRDC): Best Email Subject Lines: Screenshot of email from Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) 38.

Afghanistan Email Lists

The seasonal discount email Formula: Save Afghanistan Email Lists [Discount] [Items] This [Season]! Example: Save 25% on shoes this spring! Best Email Subject Lines: Screenshot of email subject line 39. The “you aren’t using” email Formula: The most surprising [Product] features you aren’t using Example: Afghanistan Email Lists The most surprising Sumo features you aren’t using 40. The can’t be wrong email Afghanistan Email Lists Formula: [Number] People Can’t Be Wrong Example: 5,000 people can’t be wrong 41. The use this email Formula: Use This [Thing] Example: Use these WordPress plugins Part three: cold email subject lines If you’re running a business, you’ll have to send cold

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