You must be able to facilitate that and not determine it for your employees. Microsoft had the proposition: you don’t have to work from home, but your Paraguay Phone Number List can. For me, working from home mainly means that you have to think carefully about what exactly you have to do and then determine which space is most suitable for it. And that’s what you have to look for. That’s the new way of working.

Lots of Discussion Among

being the owner of your output. But that is not the case with many companies now. Just like self-management. Many companies translate that as ‘cutting out middle management. And I see that now also happening with digitization and with robots.” What then is the essence of responsibility and involvement? “I am in favor of a basic income. Robots work and people live.

Supporters and Opponents

Paraguay Phone Number List

Let’s make sure there is a base for everyone because there is enough. This means that work will not disappear, but work will turn into value creation, instead of providing you with certainties. Criteria such as creativity and connection then become much more relevant. In that respect, the vessel is half full, not half empty. But the only way to get there is to take small steps.

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