It allowed me to drive growth without Moldova Email List solving two fundamental problems: The site debt that would eventually weigh the site down and decrease our traffic. No genuine program to increase traffic. All the traffic we had gained previously was the result of luck and having a really Moldova Email List engaged audience. While I spent a year and a half driving conversions, I also opened up a severe Moldova Email List vulnerability. Not only would Google come and collect on our site debt, but I wouldn’t have a traffic engine in place when it did. Then we got hit with that 40% drop. My best theory for what caused the drop is that after we launched a new WordPress theme,limitations.

What is a List and Why Do I Need One

Google recrawled our entire site and reevaluated all Moldova Email List the low-quality content that was still live. We had thousands of terrible blog posts, duplicate content, a mess of domains, and broken landing pages. We stopped the decline and reversed it slightly by doing a huge site audit and purge. We Moldova Email List removed thousands of pages. But we didn’t have a real traffic engine in place to build momentum Moldova Email List afterward. Purging a site is starting to become a best practice in SEO circles now.[*] Step one when you start working on a site for the first time is to audit the site and remove low-quality content that isn’t generating traffic or links. This is where I start today.

Moldova Email List

I do whatever it takes to make the site healthy. Moldova Email List On a large site that already has 100,000+ visitors/month, I plan on 3-6 months of cleanup to make it rock-solid. Only then do I start working on conversion optimization and traffic growth programs. Here are some of the bigger items I get fixed: Moldova Email List Get hosting cleaned up. I’m always surprised by how much stuff gets split between among Moldova Email List hosts at the same company. One blog is on WP Engine, another is on AWS, stuff is split among different AWS accounts — there’s almost always something. My recommendations on the best web hosts are here. Get the marketing scripts cleaned up.

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