The more closely related your content upgrade is to the Vatican City Email List blog post’s topic, the better. When deciding what content to create upgrades for, I look at my Google Analytics. You should prioritize making upgrades for your highest-trafficked posts (since those have the best potential to gain the most Vatican City Email List subscribers). To see this, go to analytics and click Behavior > Site Content > All Pages. Vatican City Email List Screenshot of Google Analytics I noticed my small campers with bathrooms and small travel trailers pages were Vatican City Email List getting the most traffic on my site.[*,*] So I created a spreadsheet with a list of 50 small campers that you could filter by size, weight, price, and more.

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Screenshot of Google Sheets with a list Vatican City Email List of 50 small campers that can be filtered by size, weight, price, and more See how relevant that list would be to someone looking for small campers? That’s the kind of hyper-relevant content upgrade you should look to create. Think “If I was Vatican City Email List searching for this topic, what would I be looking for?” (also known as the searcher intent). Then Vatican City Email List create that thing you’d be looking for! 4. SURVEY YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH QUALAROO Qualaroo is a survey Vatican City Email List pop-up you can install on any site in minutes. It looks like this:[*] Screenshot of Qualaroo survey pop-up How does this help you create a free email list?

Vatican City Email List

Simple: You can create an opt-in lead form for Vatican City Email List anyone who answers your survey! Here’s how I did it for The Wandering RV: Screenshot of steps to create opt-in lead form for The Wandering RV If they say “Yes”, they are asked to opt-in to receive updates. If they say “No,” they’re asked what Vatican City Email List they’re looking for that the page didn’t have. If they answer that question, they’re then Vatican City Email List asked to opt-in to receive an update when we add that information to the page. The survey gets a 2.61% response rate, which is Vatican City Email List much better than the 0.6% sign-up rate for our generic subscribe pop-up. Screenshot of statistics from survey Keep in mind Qualaroo is

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