One of the words we have heard the most in the past year is undoubtedly Metaverse.

The events and experiences the metaverse are more and more popular is the industry’s ntralizedapps. In a new space where you move between virtual exhibitions, NFT exhibitions and plots of land for sale in metaverses of popular characters, new opportunities are opening up for brands (as well as for artists and creators) to show products in new forms but also to express their values. Starting from this consideration, let’s take a look at the first (not so timid) steps in the metaverse made in 2021, so as to get an idea of what happened in the past year and what awaits us in 2022.

Adidas Originals Recently Presented a Collaboration

Contributions from the community, actively called to participate with an image, will be chosen to create the final work. This project is linked to the brand’s first NFT collection. It goes without saying that it sold out very quickly. And that’s not all. The brand has started a Denmark WhatsApp Number List partnership with Coinbase, a digital asset exchange company, and with The Sandbox, a decentralized platform (but think a bit) where you can buy “lands” with a structure similar to the real world. Soon we could see a real AdiVerse, a virtual space of the brand in the metaverse. Or so the tweets seem to suggest.

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In the World of Virtual Products and  Problems Related T

This allows them to enjoy higher profit margins than ever. In fact, there are many examples of luxury brands but not only that during 2021 they did not miss the opportunity to enter the metaverse: from the Gucci Garden Experience on , to the Burberry Blanko Sharky B collection. To the one signed by Balenciaga on Fortnite. A collection of 9 pieces, divided between haute couture, haute couture creates a bridge between reality and metaverse. Personally designed by the two stylists, it exists in both physical and digital versions.

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