it could be free services or a reduced price on Portugal Email Lists your services. If you offer cash, like through an affiliate program, anyone can generate referrals for you and make money off of it. If you offer services, it really only incentivizes current clients or people who want your services but can’t afford Portugal Email Lists them. Sujan Patel has a ton of experience with this, so I’ll refer you to his article on how to set Portugal Email Lists this up. Basically, you use a software like Referral Rock to manage everything.[*] Screenshot of a referral page You get your Portugal Email Lists own login page for customers with your business logo at the top. On that page, your customers get a link they can share with anyone

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to send referrals and get their commissions. 9. Portugal Email Lists GIVEAWAYS Last but not least, giveaways are a fantastic way to generate leads — if you do it right. The issue with giveaways is that it’s easy to get a ton of unqualified, poor leads. This happens if what you’re giving away isn’t related to what Portugal Email Lists you offer. For example, if you give away a free vacation, an iPad, or another random Portugal Email Lists piece of tech that’s irrelevant to the services you’re offering, you’ll get a lot of sign-ups, but very few of them will be qualified leads. However, Portugal Email Lists if you give away something that only your ideal customer would be interested in, you’ll get a much better lead base.

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For example, I would offer a free technical Portugal Email Lists SEO audit, free consultation call, or free content audit. Only people interested in having SEO done on their site would even Portugal Email Lists care about these things. Another example; Buffer ran a giveaway where they offered a free Portugal Email Lists lifetime subscription to their software. Only people who would use Buffer would be interested in that! Screenshot of giveaway by Portugal Email Lists Buffer Once you’ve decided on a relevant offer, you can use KingSumo to set up your giveaway easily and for free. Sign up for an account, enter the details of your giveaway, and start sharing on social media and to your email list!

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