time. 3. SUMO FOR EMAIL MARKETING App sumome Cost: Free ($49/month premium option) Sumo is the easiest and most affordable tool to collect, send, and monetize email subscribers for your business. The Sumo email marketing tools have been proven to: Reduce abandoned carts. Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Grow your email list. Increase your average order value. For Shopify stores just starting out, Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Sumo has a guide on how to make your first dollar. 4. YOTPO FOR CUSTOMER Lebanon WhatsApp Number List REVIEWS App yotpo-social-reviews Cost: Free for 50 orders or fewer per month Customer reviews are important for building trust with new site visitors and converting them.

7 Things About Omnichannel Engagement You Need to Know

YotPo makes it easy to get customer reviews that look great on your store. 13. CHOOSE A PAID PLAN You’re almost done! All that’s left is choosing a plan and Lebanon WhatsApp Number List removing the password from your store. Click Select a plan in the bar on the bottom of your Lebanon WhatsApp Number List dashboard. You’ll see three options: Basic Shopify Shopify Advanced Shopify Lebanon WhatsApp Number List Screenshot showing Shopify pricing table I recommend starting with the Basic Shopify plan unless you know you’re going to have over $20,000 per month in sales.

Lebanon WhatsApp Number List

The main difference between the plans is your cost per sale (2.9% versus 2.6% versus 2.4% of the total) plus $0.30 for each transaction. Until $20,000 per Lebanon WhatsApp Number List month, you’re generally losing money on the regular “Shopify” plan if you’re exclusively using Shopify Payments. GET Lebanon WhatsApp Number List A CHECKLIST TO LAUNCH YOUR STORE If you followed along and published your store — congratulations! Lebanon WhatsApp Number List If not, no worries. Click the button below to get our Shopify Tutorial PDF Worksheet, which helps you plan your store before you start.

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