That poses a number of dangers. Let’s take a look at that. Disinformation as a health hazard Takes the misinformation surrounding the Georgia Phone Number List coronavirus, for example. On March 13, 2020, the English journalist Tom Philips describes in The Guardian how parents ignore medical advice for their children and thus expose their offspring to health risks associated with corona. Philips lists three types: Misinterpreting correct information.

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Without involving the correct context Misconceptions about the coronavirus that suddenly lead to evidence of conspiracy Rock-hard misinformation that pretends to be official health guidelines door-to-door papers Where until recent criticism of Dutch corona policy was mainly debited online. we now see that these kinds of ‘alternative.

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Distributed via paper door-to-door paper. The NOS reports this on October 18, 2020. Examples that are mention De Andere Krant, Gezond Verstand and the flyers of Bezorgde Burgers. But even without the corona crisis, a lot of questionable medical information is available. It is not without reason that the European Commission speaks.

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