be the same as ‘reading the real book’, but it can make it more interesting and easier. A different way of taking in stories. After all, reading chat conversations does not feel like ‘work’ for young people, but as something every day. The website is  Uruguay Phone Number List designed in such a way that children from the age of 10 can work independently. All videos are age-appropriate and educational. 18. Fun Tests There are 237 different experiments for children from 8 years old on the websiteproefjesdoen.

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This makes it the largest collection of Dutch-language tests on the web. Speaking Now is the time to prepare your talk or book review. The library is closed, but in the online youth, you have free unlimited access to digital sources. 20. Board Games Not digital, but important to keep the online and offline balance: board games! From Ticket to Ride to Monopoly and Rummikub.

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Uruguay Phone Number List

The bet: a roll of toilet paper for the winner. 21. Toca Boca Finally, I’ll give you one tip that you do have to pay for. But trust me, these apps are worth every penny. The Toca Boca apps are highly recommended for children from the age of three . In this they build their own world (Toca Blocks, Toca Builders, Toca Town, and Toca Cars), take care of a nature reserve.

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