You can also record these conversations here and make the new insights available to other colleagues. 4. Those rules don’t apply to me, Unfortunately, it is a well-known Spain Phone Number List phenomenon: leaders who do not follow their own rules. They have Trump’s election rallies, we have Grapperhaus’s marriage, and Willem-Alexander’s.

Example With Surveys

plane trip. Leaders obviously have an exemplary role, and it is disastrous for support if the boss breaks the rules. But Trumpism goes further: in the US, as a Republican, you are called a wimp if you wear a mask. This groupthink is also lurking in organizations. A recalcitrant atmosphere can arise within teams, under the influence of a few screamers: we don’t stick to the rules. Peer pressure can make it difficult for them.

Other Stakeholders in Strategic

Spain Phone Number List

colleagues to do so. In addition to corona measures, this also applies to other standards and values ​​of an organization. For example, I heard from a boyfriend of my teenage son, who has a side job at a large retailer, that the mantra in the workplace there is ‘minimum wage, minimum effort’. It seems obvious to me that it is of great importance for organizations to counteract such group dynamics. Breaking through silos

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