Brooklinen uses free shipping to encourage shoppers back to their carts.[*] Screenshot of Booklinen This email also uses scarcity, saying “before your items are sold out” to Macedonia Phone Number List encourage immediate action. 6. TEST, TEST, TEST Even the BEST marketers won’t get their emails perfect without a little experimentation. In fact, you could argue that no email is ever perfect. Email marketing should be a Macedonia Phone Number List game of constant improvement — tweaking copy, images, colors, CTAs, and more to keep your conversion rates moving in the right direction. For example, Huckberry sends multiple variations of its abandoned cart Macedonia Phone Number List email:[*] Screenshot of multiple

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variations of Huckberry Variation A: Uses the subject line: “Free Shipping On Your Huckberry Order.” Has the CTA button below the product details. Focuses on a free Macedonia Phone Number List shipping offer. Whereas Variation B: Uses the subject line: “Heading out without checking out?” Has the CTA button above the product details. Focuses on scarcity instead of free shipping. Don’t just create one version of your Macedonia Phone Number List email and settle for the results. If you’re not testing, you might as well be chucking dollars out of your wallet. HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY SEND CART ABANDONMENT EMAILS? So by now you’re probably convinced you NEED to Macedonia Phone Number List start sending cart

Macedonia Phone Number List

abandonment emails (if not, leave a comment below to let me know why!). But how do you actually do it? Setting up emails might sound like a time-consuming task. But it’s Macedonia Phone Number List much easier than you think, I promise… If you use Shopify, you can set up abandoned cart emails directly within the Shopify dashboard.[*] RECOVER LOST REVENUE TODAY So there it is. Everything you need to know to Macedonia Phone Number List recover tons of lost revenue for your business. But this is the part where most people get Macedonia Phone Number List stuck. You’ve read the post, taken in the information and now… well, now, it’s time for action. Taking action is the difference between a wannabee ecommerce

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