email Day 5: Second follow-up email HOW TO Belarus Email Lists WRITE A FOLLOW-UP EMAIL IN 4 SIMPLE STEPS So hopefully you’re now over your fear of following up. Next, it’s time to write your follow-up emails. Here are four steps to help you craft irresistible emails. 1. UNDERSTAND YOUR GOAL Belarus Email Lists First, you need to think about why you’re sending the email. Are you trying to learn more about a Belarus Email Lists job opportunity? Do you want to book a meeting? Do you simply want to say “thanks”? Each of these scenarios will Belarus Email Lists require a very different follow-up email and you should always decide what your goal is before you send (or even write) a follow-up email.


The goal of your message will help you to decide what Belarus Email Lists the call to action (more in Step 3) will be. 2. SHARE CONTEXT It’s important to let your recipient know why you’re emailing them early on in your follow-up email. It can be useful to share details like: Your relationship with them: “I’m following Belarus Email Lists up on a sales inquiry you made on our website last week” or “We spoke briefly at Belarus Email Lists [conference / event last week].” Why you originally reached out: “I messaged your last week after I saw your YouTube video about Belarus Email Lists [subject]” or “I’m keen to learn more about your approach to [a topic, working with freelance writers].”

It’s also great to set out some form of timeframe to Belarus Email Lists help jog the recipient’s memory of your interaction or relationship. For example: We had a call last month. You were a customer of our marketing software until March 2019. I saw your talk at Web Conference 2019 in Lisbon. If you want to Belarus Email Lists really make an impact on your prospect, you could include some data points and social proof to Belarus Email Lists help show your experience and let them know you can solve problems for their business. For example, Seann does this in the Belarus Email Lists below email with the line: “Kevin has done this with some of our top sites like Onnit, Huckberry and Bulletproof.

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