page If someone’s looking for engagement rings, Georgia Email List they want it to be special. Promoting the customization feature here shows potential customers that when they’re ready to order, they can get the exact ring they want. The result? Customers either: Click the ad and start customizing their Georgia Email List ring on the spot, either for fun or to place an order. Learn they can get a customized ring from Brilliance Georgia Email List and come back when they have an idea about what they want. The headline of the ad, “Create Your Georgia Email List Own Ring in Three Easy Steps”, is perfect for people shopping for such a special product. It’s hard to choose an engagement ring — it’s a once-in-a-

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lifetime investment. The headline promotes simplicity, Georgia Email List and is very benefit-driven. It also solves a pain point for the customer. As the ad is set up in a step-by-step layout, it reinforces that ordering an engagement ring from Brilliance is easy. Also, why go to a brick-and-mortar store when you can find a Georgia Email List reputable jewelry store online, and you can find or even create the perfect engagement ring for your Georgia Email List fiance(e)? For Brilliance, Pinterest not only brings traffic to their site, but it brings quality visitors Georgia Email List who’ve already seen Brilliance enough times to think that it is a reputable brand that’s professional and successful.

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This matters a lot in ecommerce, especially when Georgia Email List your average order value is $2,925. Brilliance has seen Pinterest work for them, and they’ve allocated a lot of their advertising and marketing efforts to this platform. According to Michael, this was surprising to them initially, as Pinterest is a less-common Georgia Email List advertising platform for businesses. Brilliance also uses Facebook Ads and Google Georgia Email List Ads, and found these are effective for them as well. Key Takeaway: Use Pinterest if you’re selling visual products. Pinterest is Georgia Email List an amazing marketing platform if your product’s appearance is important.

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