Plus, I also understand how daunting it can be to actually Benin Email Lists write an email and hit the send button. To give you a hand getting your next follow-up email out of the drafts and into the inbox of your prospect, I’ve created a simple template you can use. Instead of a message you can copy and paste, this is a Benin Email Lists map to help guide you in the right direction — I believe the best follow-up emails are Benin Email Lists personal, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work too well. Note: If you want word-by-word follow-up email samples, we Benin Email Lists have a post on the follow-up emails used by the Sumo Growth team to get more replies. The template is split into five sections:


Opener Context Proof Action Closer Follow-Up Email: Benin Email Lists Screenshot of Sumo email follow-up email template 1. Opener: Open your email in a friendly, welcoming way using words like: Hey / Howdy / Hi / Heya / Okay [First name] Example: Hey Samantha 2. Context: State why you’re reaching out, use Benin Email Lists specific details to give more information about your relationship with the recipient: [How you Benin Email Lists know them] + [why you’re following up] Example: Just finished your latest YouTube video on how you approach content Benin Email Lists marketing at Company Name. Loved it! I reached out a few days about a freelance writing opportunity I saw you tweet about. 3.

Benin Email Lists

Proof: Let the recipient know why they should Benin Email Lists care about you / your business and prove you can solve a specific problem for them. [Data / info to qualify your work] + [social proof] Example: I helped to grow Example Company’s web traffic from 10k per month to 400k and my work has been Benin Email Lists featured by Adobe, TechCrunch, and FastCompany. 4. Action: Make it clear what you’d like the recipient Benin Email Lists to do at the end of your email. [Call to action] Example: Do you have time to chat on Friday? You can book a call with me here. 5. Benin Email Lists Closer: Thank the recipient for their time and close with your name. Example: Thanks so much,

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