If you were to give your own definition of Google, which words would you use? In our daily life, Google is a jack-of-all- trades or almost. We just need to tuck in the covers. Depending on the questions we write on the search bar or the words we speak, Google can be an oracle, a voice assistant, or a consultant. We admire it so much and we fear it for its parameters as well. Among these is the acronym Google EAT which many of you know what it is, while others have become hungry in the meantime. Expertise concerns both the experience of whoever writes or generates the content, and the experience of the single page with respect to the search needs of users. Authoritativeness, on the other hand, concerns the content. How much are the quality and clarity of a content worth?

Note That Authority Can Also Be Referred to

Note that the authority can also to the domain. It is understood as the popularity of the site on the basis of numerical indicators from 0 to 100. In this regard there are some aspects that affect the Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List metric such . The third and final indicator is the reliability of the site , understood as the likelihood of the published content. This goes to show that Google, with its supervision, wants to make sure that the content and quality.

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Hence the Acronym Towards Which Google Is Very Careful

Not surprisingly, one of Google’s advice is to avoid “tiny news” on YMYL pages or sites, that is, short and concise information. The clearer and more generous you are in providing detailed and accurate information, the more your site will be to stand out from the competition or from non-competent sites. Furthermore, you must always keep the contents updated, monitor user traffic to the page and in particular take care .

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