thousands of fonts out on the Internet and you Faroe Islands Email List probably don’t know every one of them. Me either. However, most fonts come down to two categories: serif and sans serif. Screenshot of Serif Font and Sans Serif Font In the early days of computers, serif was generally for print, and sans Faroe Islands Email List serif was for monitors, since the monitor resolution was poor and made the serifs look Faroe Islands Email List fuzzy and it affected readability. Serif fonts also have a longer history compared to sans serif, and are commonly used on mediums with lengthy text like books and newspapers. Because of that, you can use serif fonts if you want to portray a more serious,

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professional image. On the other hand, sans Faroe Islands Email List serif fonts are the modern typefaces that are easily recognizable and read. These fonts are widely used by people who prefer a more modern design approach. For the numbers of fonts in your blog, try keeping it at fewer than three Faroe Islands Email List fonts (I would highly recommend you use only one to two fonts). You can use a site called Faroe Islands Email List FontPair to find the perfect font pair for your site:[*] Screenshot of FontPair to find the perfect font pair for your site 5. KEEP AN EYE ON THE TEXT LINE HEIGHT Here’s an example of the bad and good use of line height:[*] Screenshot of bad and good use of text line height

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CSS can be used to set the line height to control Faroe Islands Email List vertical spacing between lines of text. The image below shows how it works.[*] Screenshot of using CSS to set the line height to control vertical spacing between lines of text Instead of getting into the details, here’s a quick formula you can Faroe Islands Email List follow: For normal paragraph text, use line height from 1.4 to 1.6. For text with large font Faroe Islands Email List sizes like the headers, use smaller line height from 1 to 1.2. It’s hard to edit the line height without basic coding skills. But learning about it helps you make a more informed decision when choosing the right theme for your blog. 6. USE RESPONSIVE WEB DESIGN It’s

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