Get 2000+ people through the test Marshall Islands Email List within 30 days. Always wait at least a week. Only launch variants at 99% statistical significance. If a test drops below a 10% lift, kill it. If no winner after one month, kill it. Build your next test while waiting for your data. Our designer and Marshall Islands Email List two engineers researched, built, and ran A/B tests around the clock. We had 5-6 A/B tests Marshall Islands Email List running at any given moment, prioritizing our homepage, pop-up, and double confirmation page. Most of the tests didn’t hit statistical significance, a few made things worse, and a couple were major wins. My A/B testing system focuses on:

Have the Highest ROI of Any SMB Marketing Tool

Cycling through tests really quickly. Finding the few Marshall Islands Email List 20-30% conversion wins. Keeping those wins so they can stack on top of each other. For example, finding the best headline, design, CTA and other elements in your funnel can all be combined to impact your total conversion rate. Marshall Islands Email List Once you find a few conversion wins at the same step of the funnel, you’ll double or even triple Marshall Islands Email List conversions. For example, we spent a bunch of time running A/B tests on our exit pop-up on the site. Here’s what it looked like in August 2015: Screenshot of I Will Teach You To Be Rich exit pop-up on August 2015 And here’s what it looked like in Marshall Islands Email List August 2016: Screenshot the control stands.

Marshall Islands Email List

of I Will Teach You To Be Rich exit pop-up on Marshall Islands Email List August 2016 A couple of tips on getting similar wins for your site: First, ad a pop-up. I know we all hate pop-ups, so do I. But they work too well, they’re the single biggest lead driver on any site. To avoid making your audience angry, only Marshall Islands Email List show your pop-up once per visitor. Also only show it 30 seconds after the page loads. Make Marshall Islands Email List it super easy to click out of too. Make it a full-page pop-up. Try 3-5 different offers on the pop-up to find the best one. You don’t need to A/B test these. When you have a real winner, you’ll feel it. Try a few different offers in a row until you feel a spike in lead volume.

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