for showing the product left in the cart. 4. ADD CLEAR, EYE-CATCHING CTAS What’s the number one goal of any cart abandonment email? Quite simply, it’s to complete Luxembourg Phone Number List a sale. So you need to make the mission of your email abundantly clear to the reader. To boost the number of shoppers who complete transactions from your abandonment emails, get creative and use unique, interesting Luxembourg Phone Number List copy. For example, in its abandonment email, Huckberry uses the copy “Finish Luxembourg Phone Number List Checking Out.” Screenshot of Huckberry It may sound simple, but I love this copy. Why? Because “Finish” implies you’ve already started the process — it makes

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it feel like you’re almost there and who doesn’t like to finish what they’ve started? Winc also opts for creative copy, using “I’m ready for wine” in its email. Screenshot of Winc Luxembourg Phone Number List Using the first person is a great way to engage shoppers as this copy puts the shopper in the driver’s seat and clearly shows them what they’ll get if they click the button. First person can increase conversions too. In one Luxembourg Phone Number List landing page test, Unbounce found that a simple change from “Get your free 30-day Luxembourg Phone Number List trial” to “Get my free 30-day trial” sent conversions through the roof — jumping up by 90%.[*] 5. REMIND SHOPPERS ABOUT OFFERS A study from VWO found

Luxembourg Phone Number List

that 58% of shoppers are motivated to return to store websites when they receive messages offering discounts.[*] Screenshot showing survey results of shopper Bonobos Luxembourg Phone Number List takes advantage of this by reminding potential first-time customers of a 20% discount on the items in the cart:[*] Screenshot of Bonobos Similarly, Dot & Bo uses a strikethrough and bright red text to remind the shopper that they Luxembourg Phone Number List can get a good deal on Dot & Bo:[*] Screenshot of Dot & Bo Knowing that unexpected Luxembourg Phone Number List shipping costs are also the number one reason for cart abandonment makes your email a great place to remind shoppers if you offer free shipping.

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