The orange color also makes the button Slovakia Email List pop out against the light background. Clicking this button takes a visitor to the Slack sign-in page so they can connect the app to their company Slack account. 3. TRELLO Screenshot of Trello website The Trello team has used a minimalist design for the Slovakia Email List hero section of the homepage, and the genius in this CTA lies in the details surrounding it. Slovakia Email List Trello is a versatile tool: It can be used to plan design sprints, create content calendars, track goals, and much more. The illustration on Slovakia Email List the right highlights the product being used in a variety of ways, and this is reinforced in the copy above the CTA.

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Using green to highlight the CTA button makes it stand out Slovakia Email List from the rest of the page. By including “It’s Free!” in the copy, visitors know they have nothing to lose by giving it a try. 4. WISTIA Screenshot of Wistia website Video hosting company Wistia focuses its main homepage CTA on showcasing its product. Slovakia Email List Clicking the white “Watch video” button opens up an explainer video focused on Slovakia Email List Wistia’s product and solutions. This feels like a great way for Wistia to encourage visitors to learn more about its software Slovakia Email List and hosting services while also showing the product in action. It’s a softer approach than pushing new visitors to sign up right away. 5.

Slovakia Email List

HOTJAR Screenshot of Hotjar website Hotjar Slovakia Email List uses negative space and colors to drive attention toward its main CTA. First, it uses a bright green highlight on the “understand your users” text, and this same green is used on the clothes of the characters in the feature illustration. This helps to Slovakia Email List connect the copy with the people in the image (you/your team). The CTA stands out, as it’s Slovakia Email List brightly colored against a white background. You may notice the CTA is repeated in the site’s main navigation, too. “Try it free” Slovakia Email List also tells the visitor that it won’t cost anything to get started and the “No credit card required” copy backs up this point. 6. EXPENSIFY

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