Hey [First Name], My boss asked me to check in. =) Are you interested in a website review with [Expert In Your Team]? If yes, you can find a time [Here](Link to Calendar). If no, Hungary Phone Number List please tell me so we can save our inboxes! Hot sauce, [Your Name] This is the last follow-up email you’ll send, so make sure you’re getting your benefits or offer across, and make it easy for your prospect to respond. In our case, Hungary Phone Number List anyone who is still interested would book the meeting directly. But at the same time, you want to give the prospect an option to say NO, and if he or she does, you get to save your time and move on.

Building: You Can Build Your List Around Any Business

Screenshot of follow-up email #5 MOVE ON: FIND A NEW PROSPECT IN THE SAME COMPANY (DAY 12) If you’re not getting a response at this point, it could be for two reasons: Your emails are getting to no one — and lost forever in the inbox black hole. Your prospect doesn’t care about your offer Hungary Phone Number List enough to respond. In both cases, the next best action is to move on. Find a new prospect in the Hungary Phone Number List same company who you can reach out to and repeat the entire process. HOW TO USE THIS FOLLOW-UP SEQUENCE IN YOUR BUSINESS Now you got all the juicy secrets of how the Sumo Growth Team follows up with prospects

Hungary Phone Number List

using email outreach campaigns. It’s time to implement the follow-up email drip into your own campaign. If you’re just getting started with a fresh outreach campaign, Hungary Phone Number List simply copy the email templates and update them with your business information. If you’ve reached out to your prospect within the last week, but haven’t followed up yet, copy the templates and start the follow-up sequence from Hungary Phone Number List the first email. If you’ve followed up once or twice but haven’t gotten a response, I suggest you start reaching out via LinkedIn, then continue following up with the prospect start with follow-up email #3. If it has been two to four weeks since your

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