snippet that clearly and concisely sums up the product. Through El Salvador Phone Number List testing, AppSumo has found this one-two punch gets more people to open the email who are interested in the product (by measuring the clickthrough rate to the product page). With subscribers’ limited patience and El Salvador Phone Number List attention spans, it’s also a key to reducing unsubscribes and respecting your El Salvador Phone Number List audience’s time. When it comes to the email, here’s a before and after of AppSumo’s email templates: Screenshot of before and after of AppSumo Notice how in the new template Ilona: Made a better header image. Shortened the copy so it was easier to read.

Info and Making the Best of Your List

Added a call-to-action button higher up in the text. Added a new block of content (AppSumo in-house branded videos talking about the product). Watch Ilona El Salvador Phone Number List explain why she did it in this video: From analyzing email clicks, AppSumo noticed 80% of clicks happened in the first quadrant of the email. So the new template now optimizes for this, and AppSumo gets 30% of clicks on the El Salvador Phone Number List call-to-action button and 50% of clicks on the video. Why am I telling you this? You can learn from AppSumo’s El Salvador Phone Number List email tests. You can use AppSumo’s “high-priority test list” to optimize your own emails. APPSUMO’S HIGH-PRIORITY TEST LIST Here are the list of

El Salvador Phone Number List

email tests that are “high priority” and you should test first: Email Test Priority Subject line High Long vs. short copy High New block of content High Button color Low Fonts El Salvador Phone Number List Low Watch Ilona explain how to run a successful test: Remember: Isolate one variable at a time (AppSumo tested clever vs. informational subject lines and found clever won). Run each test enough times to be significant (at El Salvador Phone Number List least 500 opens/clicks per variation and two weeks minimum). Rank-order your tests based El Salvador Phone Number List on impact. Here’s the Content Prioritization Calculator AppSumo uses to prioritize their tests: Screenshot of Content Prioritization Calculator AppSumo

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