Dana knows that her audience is into healthy eating and Niue Email List love the recipes on her blog, so a download of her fan’s favorite recipes is a perfect upgrade. Think about how you can create a content upgrade that will broadly appeal to all of your readers. This could be: A summary: Create a Niue Email List download that summarizes some of your most popular content (if people are already visiting your site for that content, Niue Email List you know they love it). Video content: Provide exclusive video content to subscribers. Quick-start guide: If your blog covers some complex topics, offer a free guide to help people get up and running fast. For example, Nerd Fitness offers a ‘Newbie’

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exercise guide to help beginners avoid mistakes. Niue Email List Screenshot showing a popup form DAY 4: EMAIL YOUR LINKEDIN CONTACTS We all know how awesome LinkedIn can be for networking. But did you know you can export the email addresses of all your LinkedIn contacts? To export Niue Email List LinkedIn connections: Head to the LinkedIn site on your computer (this doesn’t work on mobile). Click the My Network icon in the main nav. Click Connections on the left of your screen. Screenshot showing LinkedIn contact dashbaord In the top right of the next screen, click Manage synced and imported contacts. Screenshot showing LinkedIn contact

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dashbaord Under Advanced actions, click the Niue Email List Export contacts link. Screenshot showing LinkedIn contact export Tick the Connections checkbox, then click Request archive to get the email addresses of all your connections emailed to you within 10 minutes. Screenshot showing LinkedIn Niue Email List contact export settings So now you have the data. What next? First, don’t add these people to your mailing list. They must opt in themselves. You could email everyone manually. But a quicker way could be to set up a Google Contacts group.[*] To set up a Contacts group: Go to Google Contacts. On the Contacts tab, click Import contacts.

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