When alternative facts are constantly proclaim. out of habit, the reality is attack. The ‘real’ world disappears. Opinions, fake news, or facts are reinforce frequent repetition. This creates ‘echo chambers’ and reinforces polarization and Israel Phone Number List extremism among like-minded people. Echo chambers isolate rebuttal. A recent study by three behavioral psychologists (Pennycook, Cannon, and Rand, 2018) confirms that the more times an opinion is repeated, the more credible it arrives at the recipient.

Current Interventions Fortunately

Even if it’s complete nonsense. Quote from that research: These results suggest that social media platforms help to incubate belief in blatantly false news stories and that tagging such stories as disputed is not an effective solution to this problem. Social media plays a key role in this. Two years ago, a group of scientists published in Nature supporting evidence that social media bots prioritize low-credibility sources.

There Are Also Opportunities

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We find evidence that social bots played a disproportionate role in spreading articles from low-credibility sources. Bots amplify such content in the early spreading moments before an article goes viral. They also target users with many followers through replies and mentions. Humans are vulnerable to this manipulation, resharing content posted by bots.

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