The best (reading) apps Do you no longer see the forest for the trees in all (reading) apps? On the Kind & Media and Mediasmarties websites, you will  Nepal Phone Number List find many reviews, tips for books, and apps for children of all ages. 15. Donald Duck & Kids Week Always a success at my house: the Donald Duck. These are digital and are about safe internet use and programming. The Kidsweek has also made a nice edition about programming that is available online for free.

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Learn About Internet Dangers Play the game HackStevie, an exciting game about the dangers of the Internet and how to counter these dangers. The game is about Sanne and André who are harass a DarkHacker. They want to revolt against him and could use a bit of hopping. 17. Make videos or vlogs Time to get creative! Let kids make a video or vlog for TikTok or YouTube.

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This is about the creative process, so the videos don’t have to be online. They can also be used to send to grandparents or to share in the class app. First, have children come up with and work out a script, think about the camera angle, clothing, decor. On the website, you will find good information and assignments.

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